If I am not learning something while making my work, then I am doing something wrong.

My art is quite simply, how I communicate. It is the tangible expression of my thoughts my curiosities and discoveries. If there is a common thread to my work; an underlying reason for it to be, it is to connect with others and to learn from the experience. When I share my films and photography there is but one message;  this is important. Important to who? Important to me. These are the principles I explore each day in my work. These are the values I seek to impress upon my students.

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On Subjectless Photography ,  Moving Pictures and Empathy

In my ongoing body of work, Those Three Words, is a deeply personal journey exploring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and emotional vulnerability. The title itself, Those Three Words, is intentionally open-ended, inviting viewers to delve into their own interpretations. I encourage viewers to go beyond a literal and embrace a more introspective and immersive experience. This approach allows for a deeper engagement with the work, fostering a sense of shared connection and emotional resonance. I share the collection , not as a statement on how to feel but as an offering for viewers to immerse themselves in the imagery and find solace, contemplation, or even catharsis.

Collaborative Performance
Improvised Sound
Live Photography

In our collaborative work, Ryan Wurst and I explore the intersection of audio and visual art, through a fusion of improvised soundscapes and live photography. We have discovered that by openly sharing our creative process as it unfolds we are able to create deeply emotional and experiential moments for both ourselves and our viewers. 

Our shared creative practice is rooted in the belief that art has the potential to provoke wildly transformative experiences. By combining the ephemeral nature of improvised sound with the immediacy of live photography, we are able to peal away the layers that separate us from the raw essence of the moment. Our performances are a dynamic exchange; a multisensory journey where boundaries between mediums blur, and traditional form dissolves. As we navigate the interplay between sound and photography we invite our viewers to lose themselves in the visceral experience and reflect upon their own emotional landscapes.

Trusting our instincts and guided by years of working with the media , our collaborative process is built upon a mutual respect for the extraordinary demands of our practice. Drawing upon the belief that Art should be accessible and inclusive we position ourselves so the viewers may get close and see for themselves the methods of our making. We accept the work as it is, revealed to us ; born into existence.. And by sharing our vulnerabilities and creative process, we invite others to consider the precioius authenticity of their own creative expressions.

In essense, our performances are a manifestation of what is most important to us. A shared commitment to expression, connection, and discovery. 

on Photographic Processes

Much of the same consideration goes into using software to direct images as in making silver prints in the darkroom. Balance, tone, and clarity are the measure to which the images reveal themselves regardless of technique. Whether I am manipulating silver salts or pixels on a screen, I work toward creating visual rhythm until the images are distilled, reduced to the absolute necessity and become unified. 

My early experiences with the medium, have allowed me to take advantage of methods like tintypes, platinum printing, and cyanotypes while also involving technology like HD video, high-resolution scanning, and alternative ink printing. Having the benefit of learning the medium from a “bilingual” perspective, I naturally recognize historical and contemporary techniques as compatible. However, It is important to note that the formal aspects of the image are meant to lead the viewer to the ideas and concepts I mean to communicate. 

In my most compelling works, subject, form and content are one in the same. In the end, I consider my art to be profoundly meaningless in that the photograph is the idea. 

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